Zoopedup Banner Work

Zoopedup.com Banner

Hi, this is one of my first entries on my Design Blog and I’m not gonna waste any time on showing you my latest work. Here is a banner I did for a partner site, Zoopedup.com. The banner is currently on display at Blueworld.co.za.

I am pretty happy about how it turned out. I started with the black and red lines. Then made the black faded border, with the white gloss from the top and the black fade from the bottom. I searched for some of the cars in the Fast and Furiuos movie and cropped the out for the bottom section. It was the general feel Zoopedup wanted to go for. The silver text was the first for me, I copied it off a chromed text I saw in a wallpaper. Some imagination and tweaking got me the same effect.

To add the banner is in GIF format with some low level animation. There is some shine on the lettering and then a shine running through the “Click Here“. Well worth a look at Blueworld.co.za.

All around I think it’s a very good looking banner and makes any site looks classy, and not tacky as some banners tend to do. Definitly think Zoopedup will have success with it.


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