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SimText Banner Design

Sim Text Block BannerA soon to be launched rival to MXiT, we were asked to make a banner design for SimText. Here is two banners I created with animation. The text was what they have given me including the little anime character. In my opinion it’s a very was warm looking banner design.


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Free Games King Banners Design

My colleague started a arcade site that offers free games to the masses. He asked me to redesign his excisting header to contain more relavent material. Here is a the design I made. The first is the full header and the second is a cropped version that will be a banner advert.

Free Game King Header
(Click on the above to see the full version)

Free Game King Banner

Go see it in action at

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BasementGuru WordPress Skin

As I become more confident in WordPress so does my skills in taking a persons design and making it my own. Here is a theme I skinned for

BasementGuru Skinned

The header has been changed, the sidebar has been chopped up and augmented with 3rd party resources, along with an overall color scheme change and wicked background tile.

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Cape Town Blog Launched

I launched a new site this past week and I was surprised by how nice it looks with the tiny amount of effort I put in. Once again I cannot take full credit for the design of the theme. That goes to JohnTP for his K2 TechnoBlue theme. The backend is very technical to edit but very easy to use.

Cape Town Blog

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