Facebook Toolbar is now Available!

Facebook Toolbar is Out!

I’ve been using it and it rocks! The Facebook Toolbar is the next logical step in Facebook, the social mecca’s, path. Click on the image and it will show you what the Facebook toolbar contains. It prompts you on any Massages, Friends and Pokes you have waiting for you. It gives you teh ability to have an overview of your friends’s status and Quick Links menu to get to certain parts of your Facebook without delay.

There’s a search function that makes it easy to find your friends and a share button, much like a Muti or del.icio.us buttons.

Very cool I must say. There might be room for improvement, but I admire the fact that less is more in Facebook. Have a look at some of the Facebook functions in action!

Taskbar Notify Popup:

Facebook Toolbar Taskbar Notify Popup

The Friends search:

Facebook Toolbar Friend Search

Status Update Sidebar:

Facebook Toolbar Status Sidebar

Facebook grows from strength to strength and it will become a global name in no time at all. Mark my words.

Where do you get your Facebook Toolbar…? Well here of course.


2 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Charl Norman said,

    foxinni is my hero!

  2. 2

    Dave said,

    Thank goodness… because I was checking my Facebook page waaaaay too regularly for updates. Nicely spotted Malan.

    BTW… Excellent tomeet you at 27dinner. Look forward to chatting further soon!

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